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Company Information

The WinOptions online trading platform is great for those who want to get started with trading binary options. The platform does not require any special background or knowledge in trading due to its ease-of- use for traders of all levels. Beginners and picky traders will be satisfied with user-friendly service the platform offers.

An exclusive set of tools is offered for WinOptions traders to make their trades successful and profitable. Useful references, financial sites and market news online are among the tools a trader can find through WinOptions.

WinOptions provides a great opportunity for traders to use the platform from any place in the world because it is totally 100% web based, and require no downloads.

Trading Binary Options with WinOptions

Generally trading binary options is easy. WinOptions members make their prognosis about the price of the asset they decided to trade. The prognosis must be consistent with the behavior of the asset price within a certain time frame (expiry period) to be considered in-the-money. It is not important what price level the asset reaches, but whether the price of the asset moves in the direction that the trader predicts that it will go in.

Investors are not bound by a maximum deposit amount, though they should not exceed the maximum amount of an investment over several open options at the same time to avoid losses resulting in a negative balance.

Traders have access to information about their deposits, transactions and trade history, and withdrawals from their account.

WinOptions Trading Instuments

WinOptions gives an opportunity to trade 60 Seconds options. It means that these options last only 60 Seconds and traders should predict the direction of asset price exactly within this time frame.

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One Touch options are well known as the option that gives investors a very high profit return of up to 500% of their initial investments in successful trades. They are available to trade 7 days a week and considered to be the options that offer the highest profit returns from all available options.

Account Details

Opening an account with WinOptions is not too complicated. On broker`s homepage customers click on the “Open Account” button, fill the contact information,and after verifying your email your registration is complete. This procedure is totally free, although traders have to make an investment into their account to start trading for real money.

Deposits can be made in US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds by various payment methods and after the registration process is complete, the choice of currency set by the trader for all transactions cannot be changed for that particular account, and all transactions will be made with the default account currency.

We also should note that the broker is great at giving welcome bonuses for traders that are in the process of making the first deposit, and also cash-back offers as well.

During withdrawals, the amount is transferred to the same payment method that is used for funding the account by default. Traders have the option to change where withdraw amounts will go through the account preferences section.

Security & Privacy

WinOptions pays much attention to security, providing strong measures that ensure that its customers trade safely and not worry about their sensitive information getting out. The broker uses the latest internet security technologies, like Secure Lockets Layer system, encrypting all account information of the trader, and encrypting the connection used for credit card processing, and other transaction conducted by WinOptions.

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WinOptions provides high-quality customer support through telephone, online chat, and email service.

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