Where to Trade and What?

Binary options brokers generally have similar asset selections although some brokers have what others might not. For instance, new IPO’s sometimes catch unsuspecting brokers by surprise and many are left out in the cold when some are making the big bucks offering sexy assets such as Twitter. Here are a few of the hottest assets offered by binary options brokers.

Out of all the excellent brokers that Binarries.com recommends, three stand out in terms of quality and quantity of the asset list.

Banc de Binary

Most brokers feature the hottest asset on their list of recommended stocks. For instance Banc de Binary asset index is comprehensive and provides a number of tradable stocks. Other interesting companies include Tesco, Louis Vuitton, Vodafone and Gazprom. Banc de Binary’s asset list is constantly growing and their financial analysts are keen to explain the thinking goes behind choosing stocks that make the cut.


24option has perhaps the most extensive and impressive list of underlying assets. In addition to the commodities and forex assets, the broker has a really nice – and constantly growing – list of stocks. The list boats cool stocks such as Coca-Cola, Royal Dutch, Google, BMW, Fiat, BNP Paribas and France Telecom. Being perhaps the only website that offers almost 100 different underlying options, 24option seems to be a strong choice for demanding traders who like to trade a variety of assets at the same time. The investor gets to choose from currency pairs, indices, stocks and even bonds.

Cedar Finance

24option and Banc de Binary both have impressive selections of underlying assets. However, in recent months, Cedar Finance has taken the binary options industry with a bang. While visiting Cedar’s website we felt exhausted counting the amount assets. In addition to almost all the Forex pairs and tradable commodities, Cedar has a massive list of stocks, including rarities such as L’Oreal and Renault. In addition, you get to trade Facebook with Cedar Finance and all the other big players such as Siemens, UBS, Lufthansa and more exotic ones such as Coal India and Cyrela Brazil.

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To see the full brokers list, please visit out recommended brokers page.

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