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ZuluTrade is a hybrid Forex signal provider and managed account network that facilitates the trade signals of the world’s best traders to be automatically traded in your broker account, for free. Founded in 2006, ZuluTrade bridges the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution by converting the advice of some of the most professional and talented traders globally, to a rapidly executed trade. This win-win-win revolutionary way of trading Forex could very well be the holy grail everyone is seeking.

This service takes Forex trade signals to the next level. The ZuluTrade patented technology allows for a perfect meeting place for the trader who wants to be able to trade and sleep at the same time, with the pro traders who want to prove their trading systems and build a client base. This service is free to the end user, ZuluTrade generates revenue by getting rebates from the handful of brokers that use their system and shares those rebates with the signal providers. Currently FXCM, iTradeFX, Avafx, and Forex.com are the only brokers that users must have their live accounts with in order to utilize the ZuluTrade system of autotrading (it should be noted, however, that other brokers are implementing their own similar systems, such as eToro’s OpenBook system). The easiest way is to first open an account with AVAFX and then to open an account with Zulutrade.com. ZuluTrade has no affiliation with these signal providers, anyone can become a signal provider with them. Literally there are hundreds of providers available to choose from, each with a very detailed performance track record. The end user can research and choose which signal provider has the best profit record and draw down risk, and percentage of winning trades. This performance track record is updated daily. The pip counts found in the performance page are unreal, some averaging 30,000 pips per month. However, these same signal providers also show some huge draw downs of thousands of pips, so the key is to have a large enough margin in a trading account to allow some room without risking margin calls.

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Setting up an account is quite easy. ZuluTrade does provide a demo account. A live trade account is required with one of the supported brokers, and a form must be filled out and faxed to ZuluTrade which can take about 1 day to process. ZuluTrade recommends at least $1000 for a live trading account. Minilots and standard lots may be traded. Profit withdrawal is arranged as normal through the broker, not ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade is just the platform that connects the end user’s trade account to the automatic trade signals.

The website is easy to navigate and very professional. The database of hundreds of signal providers can be easily queried to find the signal provider with the best pip count, best percentage of winning trades, average pips profit per trade, average time in each trade, number of weeks giving signals, maximum draw down, or number of people subscribed. There is no way for these providers to falsify their trade track record because all trades are audited. The My Account section allows the end-user to manage their chosen providers, and see all history of trades taken in his account. There is also a trademarked “Margin Call-O-Meter” that recommends how to avoid margin calls by limiting number of trades a signal can take at a time and number of lots of each trade. At any time the end-user can see open trades in his account and even close them manually if he desires.

After trading the ZuluTrade system demo for two weeks, this service is highly recommended to anyone who wants to maximize their forex profits, while letting someone else trade his account for him. Everything about this service is easy and well explained on the website. Questions are answered by email very quickly.

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They also provide 24 hour chat support, or telephone support. It is actually fun to peruse the hundreds of signal providers to pick the right one. It is even more fun to wake up and check and see how many pips were made while sleeping! The risk, as with any investment, is that the performance of a great signal provider today may not be great tomorrow and nothing is guaranteed. But chances are, if a provider has shown 90% winning trades over several weeks and averages 400 pips per week, it is likely that performance will continue. It is recommended to only pick one or two providers maximum to autotrade, to minimize the risk of margin call on trade accounts. Demo this service now to see how revolutionary it is. ZuluTrade is registered and regulated by the NFA in the USA.

Highly recommended. Five stars.

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