Who Trades Binary Options?

Initially, only a selected few could participate in binary options trading. It was, in those days, a semi-official and over-the-counter market. However, with time, such trading seemed exotic to a majority of the investors. This is why, experts considered it to be an unsuitable entity in those times. In fact, prior to 2008, there might have been very few traders, who would have heard of binary options as one of the trading methods. Again, not all from the ones, who might have heard of the concept, might have known how it operated. Individuals, who wished to trade in binary options, needed to hire a broker. That broker used to access the market for them.

However, things started changing from 2008. A lot of major exchanges started to list the binary options. At this stage, there are a lot of companies, which have made it easy for individuals, who are interested in playing their part in binary options market. These companies give them scope of opening small accounts and start participating in binary options from that very moment.

Due to the availability of such scopes in the current world, a lot of interests have come from day traders. These traders trade on an intraday timeframe. Their trading strategies do not give scope for the inclusion of conventional trading option. In the form of binary options, they are getting options, where there are expirations on almost an hourly basis, which serve day-traders with a lot of advantages.

Binary options are not limited to day-traders only. Today, a lot of conventional option traders have also started exposing themselves to binary options. Even though these options cannot be sold, until or unless they expire and they do not offer the same theoretical limitless gain, which traditional options provide, in case huge moves are made, there are a lot of aspects of binary options, which traders consider to be irresistible, especially the profit that can be made in a short time span. With binary options trading and the feature of controlling the trade that you do there, you will find several opportunities for making huge gains, in case there is a considerable amount of fluctuations in the market on a given day. Binary options help in the elimination of the uncertainty in the market, as it fixes the odds, rewards and risks involved. It also eliminates the need for selling or exercising the options for achieving profits.

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