eToro Review

Year established: 2007

Minimum Deposit: $50

Spreads: 2 Pips

Bonuses: $100

Certificate: NFA, FSA BaFin and more

Languages: English, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese

Headquarters: British Virgin Islands

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eToro has become the world’s leading social investment network, providing the tools for traders to tap into the wisdom of other traders to help them make smarter investment decisions.

Social networking has grown exponentially in the investment arena. eToro pioneered the ‘social’ trading arena years ago with their OpenBook platform which continues to provide the opportunity for users to follow the trades of other users and to share own their trading experiences. eToro encourages people to connect with one another to discuss, trade, invest, learn and share knowledge across the network.

Simple and Easy Innovative Stock Trading via eToro

What will instantly capture your attention is the novel opportunity for trading in the eToro social investment network. The choice of investment is yours; household names on the financial market are all included in the diversity of stocks open for everyone. The top performing investors set the example, and you follow and copy their methods to achieve success by being socially connected in eToro. The steps are simple: choose your investment stock, then choose your investment amount, and finally join eToro where the example of the top performing investors is easy to copy.

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Investment success is easy to achieve in eToro where you do not need to be a professional. It is easy and simple to just follow the daily prices per stock offered by eToro, and implement your investments. You can also sell your shares whenever you choose, via the powerful network which relieves you from searching for buyers.

Trading Platform

eToro offers 3 trading platforms, including its WebTrader, eToro OpenBook and a mobile trading platform. The beauty of a WebTrader is that you can make trades from virtually anywhere, without having to install the software. But with eToro WebTrader, there’s an additional beauty in an excellent user interface which caters especially to new traders (and is just a pleasure for experienced traders as well!). The design is clean, uncluttered and easy to understand, and traders should have no trouble executing the trades they desire with the eToro WebTrader.

As an adjunct to their new social trading focus, eToro has added their ‘social guru trading program.’ As a Social Guru, you become the one that others can look up to; you lead the way in the global trading arena and guide your ‘copiers’ with your own perspective of market conditions through eToro OpenBook-discussions and blogs. Other traders will seek your trading advice, friendship and support to benefit from your experience and your unique point of view.

Some Social Gurus have successfully created a portfolio based on emulating other Social Gurus or a combination of their own strategies and their copying of other Social Gurus. Other traders will instantly recognize that you’re the one to watch, follow and copy! Your decisions invariably influence the trading actions of other network members, including newbies and top traders alike. Social Gurus are compensated for their services by receiving higher payouts.

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A unique and noteworthy component to the company’s offering is eToro’s chat feature which allows traders to chat with other eToro traders in real time. Traders can also choose to be ‘invisible’ if they don’t wish to receive chats or to broadcast that they are online.

eToro social Forex trading may not be suitable for all types of traders, but it’s certainly worth considering for new traders who are looking for guidance or those who are interested in turning this otherwise individual pursuit into more of a collaborative pursuit.

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