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With so much interest in making binary options trading a mobile as possible we thought we would provide you with our lowdown of all the binary options brokerages that offer their customers the option to trade away from their desks with a smartphone version of their trading platform. We’ve posted elsewhere what we personally think of this phenomenon, but since it’s such a popular topic and we keep receiving requests to update our broker lists with smartphone app or no, here’s a more detailed breakdown of the best and the brightest in the binary options mobile app market. We kick our smartphone app reviews off with the ever-popular TradeRush.

TradeRush (read TradeRush broker review here), came in as one of our favourite brokers in our review earlier this year. The company’s new binary trading app follows suit and is very well matched to this broker’s other superior trading offerings. We found the app, which works for both iPhone and Android, to be attractive, quick and easy to use. Which is as close to a complete package as you’re likely to get in these first generation mobile trading apps.

One of the TradeRush mobile app’s standout features is that all of the essential options are visible on-screen which means there is no need to navigate away to other pages to find what you want, this makes TradeRush’s app very user friendly and swift in live trading situations. One of the things that surprised us with this app is that basically there is no real functional advantage to using the web based pc trading platform, that’s just how good this app is. Attractive, user-friendly, quick and easy to use. That’s a tick in every box.

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At the top of the home screen you get three tabs, one that takes you through to the trading platform. One that allows you to see all of your expired trades, and one that allows you to go into your account information and make changes. From here you have access to pretty-much all the features you do on the company’s standard platform, which is a good thing because TradeRush are not treating this like a lesser platform, but rather just a different way to get connected to the markets. Of course the whole array of trading types is not yet available, but if anyone is going to bring a full version of their trading platform to your smartphone then TradeRush are probably the company to do it.

When Trading, all the details you receive on the regular platform are there for you, from live updated current price, payout, charting platform, expiry times and final results. The pinch zoom function works well with binary options, offering traders increased resolution on the charting platform that you don’t get when monitoring on the website with a PC of laptop.

All in all we enjoyed using the app and had no real gripes with it. What we will say (and have said) is that without the other tools you normally use when trading from a desktop PC or a laptop, (news feeds, third party charting platforms and technical indicators), you really are trading with a bit of a handicap, even if being footloose and fancy free on your smartphone may feel like a luxury. Plus, as we’ve already mentioned these apps are hella addictive. If you can handle the drawbacks we couldn’t recommend TradeRush andy higher. Great little app.

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