Interview with Banc De Binary Senior Broker Alex Morrison – Assets you can trade

Interviewer: Hello and welcome to this week’s interview with the experts. We’re here in Banc De Binary’s Limassol office with Alex Morrison. Alex welcome.

Alex: Thank you for having me.

Interviewer: So tell us all about binary options on Banc De Binary’s trading platform. What kinds of assets can we trade?

Alex: Absolutely everything. You have your currencies, you have your commodities, stocks, indices, pairs. Of course you have to take into consideration that we are by far the market leaders when it comes to binary options, the only company on the face of the planet to be regulated, we have over 90 tradable assets that anyone can choose from at any given time. Of course if you hold a Lion’s account, and you do have your preferred assets that you are used to trading upon we will make it happen for you upon your request. So anything is possible with Banc De Binary when it comes to its assets.

Interviewer: Let’s say I’m a beginner trader and I don’t know which asset to trade, what is your advice to someone like me.

Alex: Of course I would have to take you from the beginning and at least have an idea about what you know in regard to trading, at least if you have any background in any other forms of trading. I would firstly explain to you how binary options are less risky and how it is easier to achieve wins with Binary options in comparison to traditional trading. We also offer pre-calculated risk and reward data before you actually place your trade.

Interviewer: That’s very interesting. So let’s start with currencies, what currency pairs can Ban DE Binary clients trade with?

Alex: Absolutely any currency pairs, of course you have your majors, your minors, you’ve got some exotic as well. Euro/USD is by far the most traded currency pair, we already know that the US Dollar holds about 60% of all trades related to currencies.

Interviewer: 60%. Is it very popular with Banc De Binary traders as well as being generally well-known

Alex: It is indeed. Of course if we were to define Binary Options it would be high-return, short-term investments correct?

Interviewer: Yes.

Alex: If we focus on short-term investments our decisions and trades will be related to events and reports happening all over the world. Obviously any market that is affected, the currency of that particular market will also be affected so that’s where you would pool your trades, in this way they would be educated trades.

Interviewer: Apart from the majors what other kinds of currencies can you trade? What about the emerging currencies?

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Alex: You can have absolutely any exotic and major/minor pair that you could possibly hope to trade. There is nothing that we cannot provide, especially when it comes to Forex. There is nothing that we cannot provide for our traders.

Interviewer: What is your favorite currency to trade?

Alex: For me it is USD/JPY by far, and of course also the USD/CHF is one of my long standing favorites. We already know when we capitalize on a certain asset we have tools and rules that we can actually implement in our trades in order to make a profit from other assets which are correlative or inversely correlated with the initial trade. I was just talking about the USD/CHF, we already know that gold and USD/CHF find themselves in an inverse correlation from ’97 to date. I know that if I make a good educated trade on the USD/CHF, as I did today, I already have the unemployment claims in the United States, we know that they came out positive it’s a very good trade for the end of the day in regard to the USD/CHF. Now in the case of that trade because of the inverse correlation relationship they have I can also capitalize on gold until the end of the day, that’s called the knock-on effect and since silver is mirror-imaging gold, then and there, because of one trade we actually have three perfectly educated well-placed trades that if placed at the right time will finish in the money.

Interviewer: What about liquidity in the markets? What are the best currencies to trade to hit those liquid markets?

Alex: Euro/USD has by far the highest liquidity.

Interviewer: Moving on to stocks now, what kinds of stocks can I trade with Banc De Binary?

Alex: All kinds of stocks. Apple, Google, Facebook is particularly well-loved. You have Vodaphone, basically absolutely anything that is traded on the world markets. Any stock that you can possibly think of we have for trading binary options on it.

Interviewer: And just how closely do you have to follow the stock price movements?

Alex: As long as you follow your events, this is the most important thing for you to be successful

in binary options trading. You have to know what’s going on in the market, using your knock-on effect rule, that’s when you can make a move on your stock. Lets take for example last month when apple got a billion off Samsung, I think that’s a no-brainer, everyone knew what would happen to the Apple and Samsung stocks at the end of the day. Apple would rise and Samsung would fall. With city group, when they fired 11,000 people, Fiat as well started to close their dealerships in Europe one by one, and began opening much bigger ones to create a different range of automobiles, as long as you know your market, as long as you know your asset, you can make a move on it.

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Interviewer: So it’s very important to follow the events that are happening in the market, the news etc.

Alex: It’s the most important thing.

Interviewer: Are there any favorite stocks with investors?

Alex: Yes, as I said Facebook is creating a lot of movement, as usual. You’ve got your Google, everybody loves to trade their stock. And with companies like Apple, you already know to expect when Apple is coming out with a new product, because these guys have aliens in their basements creating their electronics, right? So whatever happens with Apple we already know, if a new product comes to the market, we know in advance that it will inevitably sell out and their stock will go up. In my particular opinion Apple is by far the most loved stock to be trading on.

Interviewer: Okay, so why do you think that is?

Alex: It’s much easier with a company like that because the way things have been going for Apple you pretty much know where they’re going next, you know a new product will create movement on the market without a doubt, based upon that of course you make your trading decisions.

Interviewer: It has that sense of stability or predictability doesn’t it?

Alex: It does have a sense of predictability, in a way, because whatever they come up with is unbelievable, incredible, they do not come out with products that disappoint their customers, it’s as simple as that, they just keep on going forward with their all product launches.

Interviewer: Is that a good rule of thumb, then? To be familiar with what you are trading, to like it?

Alex: It is the most important thing. You have to love trading, of course, but the most important thing is to actually be able to follow the market and to know your asset in order for you to be able to make educated trades that finish ITM.

Interviewer: Fantastic, that’s very interesting. Okay on to indices now, I take it all the major indices are available on Banc De Binary’s platform.

Alex: Of course. You have your Dow, your NASDAQ, your FTSE, and your DAX.

Interviewer: All the major stock exchanges.

Alex: Absolutely.

Interviewer: And which indices have been moving particularly strongly recently?

Alex: We moved on the Dow last week, of course you take into consideration the reports that are coming next week and the press conferences as well in Germany, whenever ????? speaks you already know that the market moves upon it. So obviously DAX is a very well-traded asset as well, We also made a good move on Dow last week.

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Interviewer: Finally commodities. Oil, gold and silver are obviously the big ones, tell us more about trading binary options on commodities.

Alex: Lets put it this way, as I was telling you before in regards to the inverse correlation between USD/CHF and gold, we already know that the US unemployment rates were positive. It’s a complete no brainer. When those unemployment claims come out positive then there is more money to be spent in the economy, now taking into consideration the inverse correlation between them and Gold, we already know that we can make a successful trade on the USD/CHF against gold as well. Of course we also have silver which mirrors gold, so there again you made your good trade on a certain Forex pair, and obviously taking that into consideration the knock-on effect rule you can also capitalize on gold and silver.

Interviewer: What other commodities are of particular interest?

Alex: Well, you have your wheat, your corn, your oil, which is is also inversely correlated with gold and silver, absolutely anything is available on the platform itself.

Interviewer: And so just to wrap everything up, in order to trade on all of the possible assets on Banc De Binary’s platform, you advise traders to do their reading, to follow the economic news.

Alex: I advise traders to take advantage of the trading educational system that Banc De Binary provides; it is very useful and gives you a good insight into what binary options are and how you can trade them. As we said at the beginning you have to concentrate on the fact that in binary options it’s all about high returns, short term investments. As long as you go through the trading education system and you have a good broker, then the sky’s the limit. As long as you know your market it is extremely easy to be a successful binary options trader.

Interviewer: Alex thanks ever so much, thank you.

Alex: Thank you.

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