Banc De Binary Releases its New Trading App

BinaryOptionsWire –Industry leading Binary Options brokerage Banc De Binary has recently launched a new app that enables traders to make binary trades from all Android and iOS based smartphones. This new app is a revolution in trading as it enables all Banc De Binary Traders to make the same great trades on the company’s innovative platform, from any location, as long as they have the app installed on their phone.

Banc De Binary – one of the largest binary options brokers out there – revolutionised the online trading industry a few years ago by releasing their award winning trading platform that brought the little known financial product of binary options to the masses. Now they are doing the very same thing with smart devices and this is looking like it’s going to be the next in a long line of successes for the company. Already the new app is getting rave reviews from traders who find its simplicity and ease of use a winning combination

Much like the company’s existing online platform, the mobile app works by offering you Call or Put trades on a wide variety of assets (over 90 to be precise, across currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. All you have to do is log into your trading account, select the type of trade you would like to make, input your investment amount and click to approve it. You can monitor your open trades in a bar the bottom.

To take things even further, Banc de Binary have made it possible for you to fund your trading account from your phone as well! Just log into the site and visit the company’s mobile cashier to make all your deposits and withdrawals. So now there really is no excuse to miss those all-important trades, just log into your Banc de Binary trading account and join in, you are now ready to place you first ever mobile binary trade.

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In our reviews of the app our researches were extremely impressed with the smoothness and intuitive way it worked. Some even said that they feel they could do away with the existing online version of the Banc De Binary platform, that’s how effective they found it. It should be borne in mind, however, that the mobile version of the app only features two of the five Banc De Binary apps. On the mobile version of the Banc De Binary platform traders have access to the Binary options Pro trading tab where the trades are preset and all a trader needs to do is select an investment amount and either Call or Put. The other platform available on the app is the 60 Seconds platform that has rapidly become a firm favourite among more aggressive traders who like to always have at least one short term position on the go. We found the 60 Seconds addition to this app a stroke of genius. Just as short term investments and binary trading are a match made in heaven, so too 60 Second trades and a mobile trading platform couldn’t possibly go any better with each other.

In our tests we found the real- time tracking of asset prices incredibly accurate, and also there were never any instances in which our traders experienced any latency or any lack of liquidity. In this respect the mobile app is almost a complete trading solution in and of itself. We have a feeling that this one is going to be a game changer so jump on it before the queues begin to build up. All in all this is an awesome product from a company we have yet to find a single fault with. Highly recommended, check it out for yourselves.

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