iOption Review

Eyeing for the Perfect Trade

As with numerous other binary options brokers, iOption offers high returns on investments although the margin of profit is not unusual in the swirling globe of binary options brokers. The broker’s one-touch trading option is a clear asset and distinguishes it from many others. It allows traders to make trades during the weekend while the market is closed and keep positions open until the target is reached. If the set goal is hit, the trader will get the payment by the end of the week. However, if the trader does not make the desired result, the investment is lost.

First Impressions

The most striking element of the broker is its platform and its simplicity. As our iOption review shows, the broker’s trading platform is user-friendly and investors generally feel contented with its dependability. It is completely web-based, thus the trader is not required to download hefty software. It permits the trader to enter it from anyplace, even if at the doctor’s office or waiting for your car to get washed.

Trading Platform

The iOption trading platform is situated on its homepage, permitting traders to start trading right away after log-in. Moreover, the essential facts and information are on the trading platform. We truly loved that on the iOption trading platform each pair has its own row, so that the trader can monitor each option without being sidetracked by other assets.

Customer Service

The iOption customer service is accessible via email, chat and phone. The broker makes it easy for their international traders to call in by having phone numbers in 12 countries. Emails can be allocated for particular sections so that investors can acquire responses from the right customer support representatives.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Applying for an account with iOption is effortless and takes only few minutes and considerably quicker than opening a standard binary options account. As with other trustworthy online brokers, documentation is compulsory in order to withdraw or deposit money. The necessary documents can be sent via email or fax. Deposits can be made via wire transfer, credit card, PayPal or MoneyBookers and withdrawals via the same channels. Withdrawals usually take 2-5 business days. iOption offers free withdrawal each month. Each additional withdrawal has a fee of $30.

Final Thoughts

As the iOption review indicates, the broker is a sturdy binary options powerhouse for both beginners and those in search of for a simpler and more innovative trading platform. The asset selection covers over 85 assets and a weekend OneTouch option will permit traders to stay fixated on profits throughout the weekend.

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